Going On Your First Caravan Trip?

Phillip Island Caravan Park - Powered Sites

With everything that 2020 has thrown our way, more Australians are travelling locally.

Travelling by caravan can be one of the best things you will ever do! Nothing beats the true sense of freedom, fun and the thrill of a new experience. Getting your first caravan is a great first step towards new adventures and endless exploring around a country full of beauty and diversity with BIG4 Caravan Parks around Australia.

We’ve put together a list of 5 essential tips for first-time caravan users to allow a smooth and stress-free journey…


  1. Make A Checklist

Now that you’ve purchased your caravan, and booked your site at BIG4 Phillip Island (if you haven’t – get on it 😉), next on the list is to compile a checklist of essentials you need for your trip. Things like getting a towing aid that is suitable for your vehicle, towing mirrors and fire extinguisher are some of the items you will need before setting off. Other items can be purchased over time for extra comfort and convenience.


  1. Before You Set Off

A week or a few days before you set off to Phillip Island Caravan Park, check that your car is in good working condition. Test your brakes, check the coolant, and oil levels, and importantly check the quality of your tyres.

With your caravan, make sure that you know how to hitch and unhitch smoothly. Drawers and other loose items are secure, and windows and doors are locked.

Another thing to master before you venture off is to practise reversing with a caravan. This is a skill that will take time, and its best to give it a couple of go’s in familiar surroundings before you face an audience at our park.


  1. Start Early And Slow

Set your alarm early and hit the road before the morning traffic begins. With less vehicles on the road, it will also give new caravan drivers time to gain confidence behind the wheel, especially those towing a caravan for the first time.

Easy does it with a caravan behind you. It is important to take your time and take everything easy. The last thing you want is to panic behind the wheel.

Don’t rush and remember to sit under the speed limit (plus it’s better for fuel consumption).


  1. Pack Up Properly

Go through that checklist of yours, and double-check (and triple-check) it to make sure that you have everything sorted before you hit the road again. Essential things like turning off the gas, disconnecting electrics and removing water and wastewater supplies is vital before you leave our Park.


  1. Caravan Course

If you’re still feeling nervous about towing a caravan, packing and unpacking, consider taking a course for beginners – this will provide great theoretical and practical advice and boost your confidence. You then know you can start your holiday smoothly…

Phillip Island Caravan Park - Powered Sites


Ready to embark on your caravanning adventure? We have a number of powered and unpowered sites to choose from, including drive thru sites for those wanting a quick stopover. All sites are close distance to modern and clean amenities, and all the facilities you will need while you’re holidaying at BIG4 Phillip Island Caravan Park. See our accommodation options here.

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